Tallinn Old Town Market Square photo by Alexandra Nima

    Tallinn, Estonia

    Tallinn, also known as Reval, is the capital and most densely populated city of Estonia. In mere ruins after the Soviets left in 1991, the young government took a series of smart decisions, which eventually lead to extensive digitalization and restructuring. Today, Estonia is flourishing. 
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    The Entertainment Capital of the World - Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert and is the most populous city within the state of Nevada. Affectionately known as Sin City, it's like a playground for adults.  But as the city has grown, to have the options for family-friendly activities.  Known for gambling and upscale casinos, but there is so much more.  Often called The Entertainment Capital of the World, there is plenty to do and see throughout the city. 
    Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne, Victoria, Austrailia

    Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian State of Victoria within Australia and it’s the second most populated city on the continent.

    Travel Reviews - Festivals

    Oktoberfest, Munich Germany

    OK folks, this one is for my beer lovers. Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival (locally called Volksfest). Held in Munich, Germany every year, the festival first began

    San Fermin a.k.a. The Running of the Bulls

    San Fermin, or the Running of the Bulls, is one of the most exciting festivals in the world. Held annually in the city of Pamplona in the northern part of Spain, the week-long festival features the iconic bull runs, bullfighting, parades, fireworks, sing in the streets, and sangria.  Lots and lots of sangria.  As the story goes, the festival is to commemorate Saint Fermin, who by some accounts met his demise by being dragged through the streets by bulls. 

    Tomorrowland Music Festival

    If you are into your music festivals then a Tomorrowland Festival simply must be on your list, if you are interested in the best of the best then you need to make your way to Boom, Belgium to experience the biggest of them all.

    Travel Reviews - Landmarks

    Mount Rushmore – Keystone, South Dakota

    60 Foot Statues of 4 US Presidents Overlooking the Black Hills Awaiting Review (User Reviews and Photos only) We have not reviewed this location yet, but while...

    El Monumento de Santiago, Dominican Republic

    Visit El Monumento de Santiago, Dominican Republic, one of the most iconic symbols and monuments that represents Dominican Culture and Architecture.

    Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington DC

    A Journey Through the Lens of the African-American Experience - We have not reviewed this location yet, but while you're here, enjoy the photos.  Traveling Session was created for the traveling community. That is why we offer bloggers the opportunity to contribute their own destination reviews as the featured review for that location.

    Getting around London: Public Transportation Options

    How to Use London Public Transportation London is one of the world's greatest attractive capitals! It’s a tremendously varied and touristic destination - yet it's also fairly extensive, with a variety of unique areas, each with its charming personality.

    Foreign Currency Tips and Tricks Before Traveling Abroad

    Foreign currency tips are useful for anyone traveling out of the country for the first time. Although many people focus on planning the trip and packing all the essentials, most forget that money plays an important part. 

    Travel Insurance Tips

    In preparation for 2020, I often use this final week of the year to go over all insurance policies, change policy coverages, and switch carriers...

    Free Things To Do in Auckland, New Zealand

    Let's face it, as much as Auckland is a beautiful city, life can sometimes get expensive. The best amongst us also experience a period of financial uncertainty that forces us to save to the last penny. But it doesn't mean you have to live in boredom.

    Travel Inspiration

    Are you looking for travel inspiration? Enjoy our collection of inspirational travel videos, quotes, memes, and photos to fuel your traveling soul Travel Video...

    The Best Cities For Nightlife In the World

    Culture, heritage, and tradition are great things to experience when you visit a place.  But let's face it, sometimes we travel just for the nightlife. From early evenings in small pubs to all-night raves, a night out can give you the real pulse of a city. 

    Travel Inspiration

    Are you looking for travel inspiration? Enjoy our collection of inspirational travel videos, quotes, memes, and photos to fuel your traveling soul...