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    Some websites tell you the best places to travel. We tell you the best places for you to travel.

    Personalizing Travel Recommendations

    When it comes to travel recommendations, nothing beats first-hand accounts. But, travel reviews are subjective. Has the author visited the same places as you? Do they have the same likes and dislikes as you? Do they live the same lifestyle as you?

    We’re changing that. Our unique review system allows our readers to get the congregate opinions of many travelers instead of one travel reviewer. Our rating structure allows the locations to be rated by key criteria and evaluated using community-based scoring.


    Our goal is to personalize travel recommendations. By taking a quantitative, qualitative, and comparative approach to travel reviews, we can provide our readers with travel insights geared towards them. We continue to improve our review system and add travel recommendation tools to give our readers the best resource for travel research.


    Travel Reviews

    Expert travel reviews of travel destinations around the world with rating criteria & scoring. Registered members can write their own review of featured destinations and collect points based on community response. Visitors can leave a star rating for featured destinations. 1 - 5 star rating system based on 5 rating criteria: Cities- Things to Do & See, Nightlife, Food, Costs, and Safety. Landmarks/Festivals- Uniqueness, Amenities, Accessibility, Availability, Costs


    My Traveling Sessions interactive countries visited map is more than a count how many counties I've visited map. Use our interactive world travel map for counties visited, highlight favorite cities, & view global travel trends. Select favorite cities on the map by: Things to Do & See, Nightlife, Food, Costs, Safety, Bucket List Destinations. View global travel trends to inspire your next trip. Use the global trends to help decide your next trip.

    Travel Tips

    We use our vast travel knowledge to provide travel advice to help you stay safe, save some money, and have an overall better travel experience.


    Travel music videos featuring modern jazz artists such as Soul-Jazz Flutist Althea Rene, Gino Rosaria, the Joe Bowden Project, and more. Nature videos of relaxing scenes for when you just need a break. Travel photography and inspirational travel memes from around the globe.


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    Tony JeffersonFounder

    My love for travel came from serving most of my 21 year US Air Force career outside of the United States. The opportunity to visit so many different cities and experience so many different cultures broadened my view of the world. The one question I always get is, “Where’s the best place to travel?” It seems like a simple question, but the answer is not. I realized that there had to be a better way of recommending travel ideas. And that is how the idea for Traveling Session was born.

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    Traveling Session LLC is a US-based travel media company dedicated to providing the best travel reviews for cities, festivals, and travel destinations around the world.  Our travel review system provides more than just highlights of all of the best parts of a city.  Along with our interactive travel map, we use global travel trends to help you pick the right travel destination for you.  

    Use our travel expert reviews, traveler reviews, travel tips, and more to find the perfect travel destination.

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