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Traveling Session
Traveling Session

Traveling Session is always accepting articles from guest writers. While all travel articles will be considered, destination reviews are the main attraction. We strive to give our readers authentic impressions of places around the world and not the tourism package talking points. We want to know what you really thought and share that with the world.


New Readers– All articles have a direct link back to your blog or website

New Followers- Author Box provides links to all of your social media

Improved SEO- External backlinks in articles improve search engine rankings

Author Box- Writers can edit or update their author box

Sample Author Box
Sample Author Box

General Guidelines:

Original Content Only- All content must be your own and not published anywhere else.

Touchy Subjects- Try to stay away from political or divisive topics.

Showcase Your Photos- You can use your pictures. Your photos can contain your watermark if you like.

Backlinks- One backlink within the article to a related article on your website. Backlinks within the writing cannot be to a commercial website, however, links to commercial sites are allowed in the author box.

Author Box- You have complete control of your author box. Add as much or as little information as you like.

Review Criteria- Reviews must touch on all of the review criteria, but authors are not restricted to the criteria order or the use of headers (i.e. review written as an itinerary). We encourage different writing styles.

Review Criteria

Destination Reviews

-Things to Do and See

– Nightlife

– Food

– Cost

– Safety


– Things to Do and See

– Cost

– Safety

Music Festivals

– Lineup

– Venue

– Cost

– Safety

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