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Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 and since became world-renowned for its NYC-like vibes, history, unique culinary scene, cultural experiences, and fabulous nightlife.

Fun fact ~ Tel Aviv has been named the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ by the New York Times. 
Tel Aviv Beach Club

Tel Aviv is a beautiful and vibrant city that is 24/7 on the go. Tourists visiting Tel Aviv will find a diverse city with amazing things to see, do, and of course taste. From spectacular golden beaches, you will love the traditional Bauhaus architecture, bustling markets, delicious food, and happening nightlife.

General Information about Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Beachfront
Tel Aviv Beachfront photo courtesy of MyTrendyTrail.com

The best time to visit Tel Aviv: 

The Mediterranean climate means we have amazingly long summers and mild short winters. The summer months from June through to early September are my personal favorite. Having said that, the temperature can reach thirty-five plus degrees Celsius with 80% humidity. If you are not used to such a climate or are not a fan of such hot temperatures, springtime is the next best thing. From late March through to late May, you can enjoy pleasant temperatures and even the beach.


This is the Jewish day of rest; from just before sundown on Friday, until the first three stars appear on Saturday evening. Everything will shut down early on Fridays and remains closed throughout. Keep in mind that there is no public transportation running. Street shops and malls will be closed as well as Kosher restaurants and some activities as well.

Is Tel Aviv an expensive city? 

Yes, it is. Having said that, costs will also depend on your personal choices and style of traveling. 

Getting around Tel Aviv: 

Tel Aviv can easily be experienced on foot. Public transportation, moniyot sherut (taxis operating like buses but charging the same fare), and Uber are popular choices. You have bikes and electrical steps you can rent for the day along the coastline & city center. 

Is Tel Aviv safe? 

Yes, Tel Aviv is a safe city to visit. All you need to do is keep your wits about you as you would anywhere else. Be aware of your surroundings and do not go wandering around at night time in remote areas you do not know.

Things To See And Do In Tel Aviv

Mezizim Beach

Humus and iced coffee on the beach

All roads in Tel Aviv lead to the beach! Literally. Everything is better at the beach, wouldn’t you say? The coastline is 13 km long, gorgeous views and pure relaxation await you. All beaches have good facilities like showers and bathrooms, including an opportunity to do some type of sport. There are beach restaurants serving delicious local food and cool drinks. My favorite beach is Mezizim Beach. There are beach amenities, a bar restaurant, and an atmosphere you will love.

Carmel Market

Hacarmel Market in Tel Aviv

Stroll through the Carmel Market: While you wander through this famous market, take in the colors and beautiful smells. You can find absolutely everything here, food, clothes, souvenirs, household items, and more. You will be able to sample great dishes here from around the world.

Rothschild Boulevard

Explore Rothschild Boulevard: This green lung is situated in the heart of the city. Watch out for the renovated Bauhaus buildings while enjoying lots of beautiful green. Take a walking tour to learn more about the “White City.” Also, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sarona Complex

Tel Aviv may be a young city; however, it is rich with history dating back centuries. For example, walk in the footsteps of the Templars. Underneath the Sarona Complex, there are underground tunnels dug by hand by German Templars arriving in 1871. These tunnels were used by Israeli Intelligence in the past. The Sarona Market is the largest enclosed culinary market in Israel. 


Signs of the times in Florentine

Wander through the trendy bohemian neighborhood of Florentine. It is about colorful murals, graffiti, and street art. Other iconic Tel Aviv streets I recommend having a walkthrough Shenkin, Allenby, Dizengoff, and Nachlat Binyamin. 

Food in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s culinary landscape has evolved tremendously over the years and is now ranked in the top six cities recommended as a culinary destination, worldwide! 

Tel Aviv is home to incredible food diversity. Israel is home to Jews coming together from different countries, and you can see it in our food culture.

A celebration of Israeli flavors
A celebration of Israeli flavors photo courtesy of MyTrendyTrail.com

Four restaurants introducing you to Israeli cuisine

Sabich Herzel

This dish consists of fried eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, salad, and tahini sauce served inside pita bread. Address: Herzel 98 street.

Humus Hacarmel

We love our humus! This restaurant is at the heart of the Carmel Market. The restaurant is designed to look like a synagogue, making the ambiance unique as you are surrounded by Torah and prayer books. The hummus, for example, on one plate you have hummus as a symbol of the Middle East. With it, you have ful, a broad bean from Egypt, tahini from Syria, and schug, a spicy sauce from Yemen. Address: Hacarmel 11 Street.

Dr. Shakshuka

Shakshuka is made of poached eggs in a sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, peppers, onion, and garlic. The family recipes used at Dr. Shakshuka are from the Libyan kitchen. Address: Beit Eshel 3 street, Jaffa-Tel Aviv.


Abulafia is a famous bakery that makes the most amazing and diverse types of pastries you simply must try to understand. Address: Yefet 7 street, Jaffa.

Trendy Restaurants Offering Unique Dinner Experiences

Pop and pope: A gorgeous restaurant located on the 14th floor of the Arba’a Tower. Panoramic skyline views matched with style, chic, and fabulous Asian food.

Address: HaArba’a 28 street.

Poupee: The interior design, the space, the crowd, and the food are Phenomenal! My favorite area? The bathrooms! The WCs are inside babushka dolls in full-on color.

Address: De Picciotto 22 Street.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

On the rooftop of Por do Sol
On the rooftop of Por do Sol in Tel Aviv photo courtesy of MyTrendyTrail.com

Bars and rooftops are the way to go these days. These are favorites off the tourist path:

Bellboy Bar: Berdyczewski 14 street.

Imperial Cocktail Bar: Hayarkon 66. 

There are FAB rooftops along the beach where the views are amazing as are the vibes and cocktails, in Mediterranean style.

Por do Sol: Hayarkon 169 Street.

Suramare: Se’Adya Gaon 24 Street.    

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Tel Aviv Views Pinterest Pin
Tel Aviv Views Pinterest Pin photo courtesy of MyTrendyTrail.com
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