The Best Cities For Nightlife In the World

Las Vegas Nightlife
Las Vegas Nightlife

Travel Experts Tell You Which Cities Have the Best Nightlife Scenes

Culture, heritage, and tradition are great things to experience when you visit a place.  But let’s face it, sometimes we travel just for the nightlife. From early evenings in small pubs to all-night raves, a night out can give you the real pulse of a city.  Whether you’re celebrating a major milestone or just need to blow off some steam, a trip to a city with the right nightlife scene might be just what you need.  But where do you go for the best nightlife in the world?  We polled a panel of travel experts, and here are the results.  The ultimate list of the best cities for nightlife in the world.


Nairobi Nightlife

Nairobi, Kenya

Lisanne Fellinger –

Aside from amazing daytime attractions, Kenya’s capital Nairobi boasts a vibrant and bustling nightlife that attracts people from all continents. You could even call it the party capital of Africa, with new bars and clubs popping up every week. Socializing over a drink is a big part of Kenyan culture and if you’re visiting, hitting the bars is a great opportunity to get to know the city locals and inevitably get invited to more hangouts. Kenyans are very social and very inclusive towards strangers, so it won’t be hard to make new friends!

There are very many bars and clubs in the city center (CBD), but the best ones are in the Westlands area and some are around Ngong road in the south of the city. It can be tricky to know which place is popular on which nights in Nairobi, but the general advice is to follow the locals. You’ll find that most bars and clubs play a mix of popular Kenyan and African pop music, but there are also regular R&B and electronic music nights at various spots. Drinks are generally not cheap, with beers going for around $3. But even on a small budget, you can easily enjoy yourself. Make sure you’re dressed to the nines though. Kenyans don’t take going out lightly and you should put effort into your outfit or you won’t be taken seriously.


Red Sky Bar at Centara Grand at Central World

Bangkok, Thailand

Jenny –

Welcome to Bangkok, known in Thai as Krung Thep, our City of Angels who never sleep. Well unless there is a Cover -19 curfew and an alcohol sales ban in place! 

There is a reason why Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Its vibrant, carefree nightlife scene is legendary. But get away from the nightclubs and party scene around the adult areas of Soi Cowboy or Pat Pong and we’ll find an altogether more sophisticated night out. I’m going to take you on a quiet rooftop bar crawl, a perfect Welcome to Bangkok for any visitor. From students on a gap year to a girls’ trip to Thailand, or even my Mum in her seventies, there is a rooftop bar for all to enjoy.

Our nightlife scene starts as the sun goes down, this is a question of synchronise watches as you seriously do not want to miss the sunset. For this ideally, you want to be up high, outdoors (if you can cope with the heat) with a 360-degree view of the city.

Tourists usually want to head straight to the 63rd floor Skybar of Hangover 2 movie fame. Found at the Lebua State Towers it offers the ultimate in ‘been there, seen it, done it’ appeal. Another favourite is the Banyan Tree’s 61st Floor Vertigo and Moon Bar. Check out the dress code here as men will be asked to change into some very snazzy one size fits all black pants if you turn up in shorts. In the same league for getting up there in more ways than one, is Red Sky Bar at Centara Grand at Central World, Siam on the 55th Floor.

If you want to be on the Chao Phraya River. one that fits this bill completely is Three Sixty Rooftop Bar at the Millennium Hilton Hotel Riverside (32nd Floor)

Stay with a local and they are more likely to lead to Above Eleven at Fraser Suites. Here on the 32nd Floor, you can mix your cocktails with a twist of Peruvian and Japanese food. The great bathrooms and fun elevator ride all go to show that drinks are so much more than the cocktails on offer. 

If you want to go all class try the Penthouse Bar at the Park Hyatt 34-36th Floor or for the view of the Park Hyatt stunning architecture, position yourself opposite at Up and Above at the Okara Prestige.

For a little less High-So maybe check out Cha Rooftop at Indigo Hotel or The SpeakEasy Bar at Hotel Muse. Both perfect for a casual I love Bangkok rooftop cocktail.

If you are happy for an indoor venue (great for the rainy season or if you need air con) The Loft at the Waldorf Astoria is my all-time classy favourite. Think a very special date night.

Dubai Garden Glow at Night

Dubai, UAE

Keri Hedrick –

In a city well-known for its incredibly hot summers, much of life in Dubai happens at night. Be it family-friendly entertainment, shopping, or a thriving clubbing scene, Dubai has it all after dark.  Some touristy favorites include the nightly Dubai Fountain show at the foot of Burj Khalifa and the beautiful Dubai Garden Glow – an illuminated park for those Insta-perfect photos. During the cooler winter months, Dubai Global Village is a huge night-time entertainment complex to visit, representing 70+ countries around the world with food, dance, shopping, and fairground style rides.

What we love most is watching day turn into night from one of the city’s fabulous rooftop bars.  From stunning cityscapes amongst a huge collection of the world’s tallest skyscrapers to the shimmering sea views from Jumeirah Beach and over the Arabian Gulf, there’s a rooftop bar in Dubai to suit everyone’s taste! Look out for evening brunch packages, happy hours, and Ladies night deals midweek.

 As the night moves on, there is also a thriving clubbing scene covering everything from open-air beach bars that transform at night.  Others there are very high end (and high rise!) dance club affairs with the price tag to match but home to hip hop through to R&B with the glitz and glamour many expect from ‘the City of Gold”. (A small note that although non-Muslim tourists in Dubai are allowed to drink alcohol in licensed premises such as rooftop bars and nightclubs, keep your behavior in check as penalties can be stiff if you party too hard and end up on the wrong side of the law).

Hong Kong at Night

Hong Kong, China

Jackson Groves –

Hong Kong is one of the craziest cities in the world with millions of people crammed into a bustling metropolis. It’s a beautiful harbor-side city by day with a lot of things to do, but when the sun goes down and the lights come on, this is when Hong Kong truly begins to shine. The nightlife in Hong Kong attracts party-goers and revelers from all around the world.

There are three main entertainment areas in Hong Kong. The first of those is Lan Kwai Fong, which is by far the most popular nightlife spot in Hong Kong. It’s an L-shaped lane in Hong Kong Central famous for being the club capital of Hong Kong. Here you will find hundreds of bars and clubs, which are open till the early morning!

The second hotspot is SoHo, south of Hollywood Road, which is the home of many popular sophisticated bars and upmarket clubs. In a city known for its trade and business, there is a high demand for classy nightspots in Hong Kong and SoHo delivers an abundance.

Wan Chai is the third nightlife district to note, which houses the red light district, colonial-style pubs, and lots of live-music venues. It’s definitely the cheapest of the three hotspots and where you will find the most lively action during a night out in Hong Kong.

Bosphorus Bridge from the rooftop bar Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Vaibhav Mehta –

If you have a few days in Istanbul city, then exploring the nightlife here is an absolute must. Whether you want to enjoy a glass of wine while soaking in a gorgeous view of the Bosphorus or let your hair down at a club, the nightlife in Istanbul is legendary. Istanbul has a dazzling party scene that offers you everything – indie clubs, jazz cafes, sports pubs, rooftop bars, and if you want to party like royalty, then even cruise parties!

The best part about the nightlife here is that you get to party in both – the Asian and European neighborhoods of the city. The main areas where you can enjoy the party scene are the Beyoğlu and Arnavutköy districts on the European side of Istanbul and the Kadıköy neighborhood on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Since my ideal party scene is focussed around “drinking and dining with a view” in the company of some foot-tapping music, I like rooftop bars and clubs. My personal favorites are the 360 Istanbul Rooftop Bar in Beyoğlu and the Alexandra Cocktail Bar in Arnavutköy.

Raising a toast with a stunning Bosphorus view in the background while enjoying a scrumptious spread of food is an experience in itself. Add to that the cool sophisticated interiors at the venues and some lovely Turkish music and you have a night to remember!

Be it a romantic evening with a partner, or just a fun night with fellow travelers and locals, the nightlife in Istanbul caters to all kinds of party-lovers. And that’s what makes Istanbul the ultimate party destination!

Kuala Lumpur Street Food
Job Savelsberg/

Kuala Lumpur, ‎Malaysia 

Sasha Kasthuriarachchi –

Kuala Lumpur is a nightlife lovers city with an alluring array of bars, clubs, speakeasies, and pubs to keep the party going from dusk till dawn. However, when you scratch beneath the surface of the city you’ll find that there’s so much more to the nightlife scene than snazzy cocktail lounges and uber-cool clubs. The variety of KL’s nightlife is one of the things I love most about the city – whatever mood you’re in, there’s something for you. 

Those looking to dance till they drop or enjoy a cocktail or two after the sun sets should head to Changkat Bukit Bintang which is widely considered to be KL’s party central. The street is lined with two-story colonial shophouses, most of which have been converted into nightclubs, fancy cocktail bars, and specialty restaurants. DJ’s offer up a variety of music from Latin beats to well-known pop, hip hop, and R’n’B tunes. The Cuban Havana Bar and Grill and Pisco Bar are some of the most popular hangouts.

If live performances are what you’re after, No Black Tie, KL’s premier jazz club, showcases some of Malaysia’s best and upcoming musicians. And if a night isn’t complete without a visit to a superclub – head to Zouk, which has no less than eleven rooms!

KL is chock-full of skyscrapers and as a result, is also home to many swanky rooftop bars and restaurants which offer magnificent views of the city. Heli Lounge Bar (a helipad during the day which transforms into a rooftop bar at night – how cool is that?!), Marinis on 57, Sky Bar, and Luna offer some of the best city views. Drinks with a view-to-die-for are pricey though – this is a night out that will hurt your wallet but be totally worth it.

If you’re more of a foodie like me, then good news, KL has plenty of late-night restaurants to keep you happy. A short stroll from Changkat is Jalan Alor: a whole street of hawker stalls and seafood restaurants that are open into the early hours of the morning and serve cheap but delicious food. Fancying a 2am curry? Hit up any of the city’s 24/7 ‘mamak’ joints serving tasty Indian Muslim food and drinks. A hot curry washed down with a cup of teh tarik (tea made with condensed milk) is the perfect end to a night out in my book.

Osaka at Night

Osaka, Japan

Nicole Labarge-

The Osaka Nightlife is on fire and there are so many things to do in Osaka at night.

From night clubs to karaoke and night markets as well – Osaka comes alive at night.  Osaka is known for its friendly people and street food scene making it a great place to explore at night.

Osaka’s bustling Namba district is my favorite area as it is packed with cheap eateries and places to drink.  I also recommend this area as where to stay in Osaka as it is right next to Dotonbori, a major tourist area.  You can try a range of Japanese foods including fresh sushi, grilled yakitori, and the local specialty, takoyaki!

Americas and the Caribbean

Havana at Night

Havana, Cuba

Ayngelina Brogan –

There are so many places to have a good evening in Havana, as long as you head to where locals go. Cubans love to enjoy time with their friends, play music far too loud, have a drink and dance a bit.

At dusk friends and lovers begin to congregate along the Malecon seawall of the city. It’s common to bring a speaker to place music and a bottle of rum to pass around as you spend time catching up.

Start the evening off with dinner at one of the best private Havana restaurants, called paladares. In Old Havana O’Reilly 304, El de Frente, Jesus y Maria, and Lo de Monik are very popular for a bite to eat and some cocktails.

Then grab a cab and head to Vedado for Fabrica de Arte Cubano, translated to the Cuban Art Factory, which feels like a club in Brooklyn. This huge art gallery/event space/bar has won awards around the world. It’s a popular spot for tourists and locals so get there before 11pm or you’ll be waiting in line.

It closes at 2:00 am but the night is far from over. Walk two blocks to the Malecon to join other locals who are there until the wee hours or grab a cab and ask the driver where the hot spots in Playa and Miramar are where the bars stay open 4:00 am or later.

Las Vegas Nightlife

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tony –

If you’re talking about the best cities in the world for nightlife, then Las Vegas, Nevada has to be at the top of your list.  Las Vegas calls itself the Entertainment  Capital of the World, and that is especially true when it comes to nightlife.

A lot of people get their minds stuck on gambling when they think of Las Vegas, but there is so much more to do when the sun goes down.  There are shows and concerts almost every day of the week.  Sporting events like boxing and MMA are always held in the city. There’s enough to keep you entertained just walking down The Strip or Fremont Street.  But where Sin City really shines at night is the multitude of bars and nightclubs.  There is something for whatever mood you’re in that night.  

While this is supposed to be about nightlife, I have to mention the Las Vegas day clubs.  These all-day pool parties can range from chill and laid back to something you only thought happened in movies.  Featuring world-famous DJs, cabanas, and daybeds, it’s something you should experience at least once.

But, for a true Las Vegas nightlife experience, then you have to check out one of the huge superclubs.  These huge entertainment complexes host some of the best DJs in the world attracting tons of people.  If you’ve got a group of friends, beat the lines at the bar and order table service.  It is worth mentioning that even though Las Vegas is cannabis-friendly, it is not allowed in most clubs and bars.

Downtown Los Angeles at Night

Los Angeles, California

Ale Leon –

As one of the largest cities in the US, it probably goes without saying that Los Angeles has a vibrant nightlife scene that can suit any sort of personality and taste! Los Angeles is made up of many distinct, lively neighborhoods pressed up against each other, each with a unique personality and nightlife scene to match. 

As a young professional, one of the places that LA’s nightlife scene shines best for me is in its happy hour spots. Because most of us in LA are hustling one way or another, having a go-to happy hour spot to unwind with friends is an absolute must.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite spots.

I always start with rooftop bars because I absolutely ADORE a good rooftop bar. These are the perfect places to unwind after work with a margarita (or two) and enjoy sweeping city views. The LA rooftop bars absolutely deliver. 

In downtown LA, check out the Upstairs at the Ace Hotel in for drinks that won’t disappoint, and decor that’s super fresh. This is my preferred place for happy hours with friends, or lazy, boozy weekend afternoons. I can spend hours at the ACE (and often have!)

Another favorite is Openaire at the LINE hotel in Koreatown. This is a beautiful space that’s built like a greenhouse, and is absolutely dreamy. Sit poolside and enjoy a margarita, or sit inside and take in the greenery. 

For something more mellow, check out Sunset Beer in Echo Park. This is where my significant other goes for his boy’s nights out, and it’s a super cool space for craft beer and hang out for a while. 

New Orleans Street Musicians

New Orleans, Louisiana

Zach and Julie Ruhl –

New Orleans, Louisiana is without a doubt one of the most epic and unique cities in the world, especially when it comes to nightlife. Bourbon Street and the rest of the French Quarter make for a place that is perfect for nightlife.

The first thing you think of when you think of New Orleans nightlife is Bourbon Street. This stretch of road is bustling non-stop 24 hours per day. The bars and restaurants on the street do not shut down, you’ll be able to have as much fun as you want for as long as you want when you visit Bourbon Street. When you visit, don’t just hang out at one place for the night. Hop around to a few of the different bars and restaurants to experience a few different places along Bourbon Street.

The remainder of the French Quarter is less bustling than Bourbon Street, however, there are still plenty of fun things to do. Live Jazz music is an absolute must in New Orleans. Some of the best musicians in the world come to play at restaurants and jazz clubs in the French Quarter, some even do impromptu shows in the streets of this area. On top of that, the food here is wonderful. Head out to eat along Magazine Street or Frenchmen Street, two destinations that are off of Bourbon Street but are still great nightlife destinations.

All in all, New Orleans is one of the best nightlife destinations in the world. There is nonstop entertainment on Bourbon Street, as well as some amazing places to go and things to do all around the French Quarter. Enjoy!

Montañita Nightlife

Montañita, Ecuador

Deb Pati –

When I was teaching English in Ecuador on a visa, I lived in this small coastal town of Montañita for a few months. Before going there, I had the impression that it was a small town where nothing much happened. But once I lived there, I was pleasantly surprised by the influx of foreign tourists from everywhere in the world. 

In addition to being a surfing paradise, Montañita is one of South America’s biggest party hotspots. It’s full of cheap hostels, lively bars, thatch-roofed restaurants lining the streets. And the locals are pretty welcoming.

On weekdays, it’s mostly calm and quiet. But weekends are a completely different story. Not just foreigners, even Ecuadorians travel all the way from Quito and farther to fill in the bars and pubs all over the town. The night starts with street performers doing everything starting from fire dancing to unicycle riding. You could hear reggaeton music spilling out to the streets all night. The revelers often pour into the beaches where anything starting from marijuana to alcohol is readily available. 

What happens in Montañita, stays in Montañita!

Rio de Janeiro Nightlife

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Candy Pilar Godoy –

I love a mix of nightlife. Some nights you want to go wild and stay out all night, but others are best spent with a glass of wine in a more relaxed environment. There are a lot of things to do in Brazil, but Rio nights are the best.  Luckily, the nightlife is a valued part of the culture in Rio, and Cariocas (locals) know how to have fun. Rio offers everything under the sun, no matter your mood, and at pretty much any price point.

There are amazing clubs to dance all night, an array of bars, and plenty of parties right on the street.

There’s even a neighborhood dedicated to nightlife called Lapa. It’s located in the center of Rio and is full of historical monuments, like the famous aqueduct, and amazing bars, with live music and super cold beer. Venues cater to all tastes, so there’s something for everyone.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Megan Johnson –

While there are a lot of great things to do in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua during the day, a lot of people hang around for the nightlife and the infamous (on the Gringo Trail at least) Sunday Funday pool crawl.  Every Sunday, a few of the hostels host a pool crawl taking you to various pools/bars through the afternoon and evening.  It’s just like a pub crawl, but pools.  This is one of those things that most backpackers passing through will plan to be in town for, at least once, some more.  It’s a great way to get out and socialize with fellow backpackers and have a fun night.

Pool crawl doesn’t sound like it’s for you but you still want to party?  Fear not, there are plenty of other places to go like the Loose Moose Canadian Pub (poutine, anyone?), Iguana Bar, Big Wave Daves, and Republika.  Just walking around town and along the bars and restaurants on the beach can help you find out what’s happening, too.  SJDS is the perfect, sleepy little town during the day, but comes to life at night.


Sydney at Night Photo by Mudassir Ali/

Sydney, Australia

Clara –

Sydney in Australia is one of the best cities for nightlife. There’s a little something for everyone whether you are out on the town on your own, with friends, a partner, or traveling with a baby and toddler, or older family.

For nightclubs and bars, head to Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, The Rocks, Kings Cross, Surry Hills, Oxford Street, and Newtown. Popular venues include Home, Ivy, Opera Bar, The Argyle, Cafe Sydney, Chinese Laundry, Flamingo Lounge, Soda Factory, and Oxford Art Factory.

If you prefer a concert, check who’s playing at the ICC Sydney Theatre or the Enmore Theatre. 

For family friendly nightlife activities, you can play at Luna Park Amusement Park and the Darling Quarter Playground. You can see animals at Taronga Zoo and fairy penguins in Manly. To take in some great views of the city, walk across the Harbour Bridge or head to the Domain and Royal Botanic Gardens. For sport lovers, attend a live cricket, National Rugby League or Rugby Union game at Sydney Cricket Ground. For something indoors, go to Art After Hours at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, or see a movie on a super wide screen of 30 metre at IMAX.

There’s a diverse range of things to do in Sydney at night.


Athens at Night

Athens, Greece

Chrysoula Manika –

While spectacular in the day, it really Athens comes alive at night with late-night dinner spots, rooftop bars looking up at the illuminated Acropolis and lively bouzoukia joints ready to welcome you in for a night to remember. Many chic cocktail and wine bars have sprung up in Athens over the past decade, but whether you want something with an Insta-ready backdrop or with a more traditional taverna feel Athens has it all.

It doesn’t matter what night of the week you venture out (or the time of year) as there’s always something fun going on in Athens. Six D.O.G.S is a cool bar in an underground tee-pee, To Lokali is an excellent spot for drinks and dining, Couleur Locale and A For Athens are great rooftop terraces and BOX Athens and ACRO club are hot spots to go if you want to party late into the night.

While you’ll no doubt hear live Greek music seeping out of bars and restaurants across the city, the best location for headline musicians in Athens is the bouzoukia clubs along the Poseidonos beach road. These bars are filled with Athenians enjoying the talent and are the perfect place to go if you want to do as the locals do.


Belgrade, Serbia

Stephanie Craig –

Belgrade has some of the best nightlife in Europe, owing to its unique setting on the Danube river as well as its fabulous bohemian neighborhoods and hip districts. Some great places to explore Belgrade at night include Skadarlija, a vintage street that features great restaurants and live musicians.

The neighborhoods of Dorcal and Novi Beograd are a bit younger and less touristy, with lots of great bars, restaurants, and clubs. If you want a real taste of what makes Belgrade’s nightlife unique, check out one or two of the splavovi, floating clubs docked along the Sava river. These are open until the wee hours of the morning and are unlike anything else in the city.

If you want a bit more of an elegant evening, you can enjoy a cruise down the Sava river, seeing the beautiful bridges of the city and the skyline’s mix of architectural styles from the Ottoman Empire through the Yugoslav era.

Berlin, Germany Strandbar Nacht

Berlin, Germany

Gizelle Marie –

Berlin is easily one of Europe’s nightlife capital, its answer to the call of “cities that never sleep.” As one of the most lively cities in Germany, it’s been dubbed as the world techno capital. There’s so much to do and see in a big city as Berlin even after the sun has set. It could even be a romantic date night if you go with your special someone, watch an open-air film showing.

If like me, you enjoy volleyball, you can play it in the sand with a buddy or two.   Otherwise, there’s a lot of after-dark hot spots you can enjoy, but the best ones would be the Strandbars (beach bars) on the banks of the river Spree.  You can just chill on a deckchair by the riverside, sip a cocktail or what-have-yous after touring the day, and exploring all the must-sees. For the foodie in you, there’d be baguettes, baked potatoes, grilled meat, salad, tarte flambées or finger food to satisfy your hunger. You just need to hop from one bar to the other to find what you crave. 🙂 

There’s dancing by the riverside most nights too, depending on the days: it could be salsa, tango, or swing. Well, that’s just one area where at my age would rather be. Most Strandbar music is jazz, chansons, techno, and rock music with the DJs mostly filling in for a fun night.

Budapest Sunset

Budapest, Hungary

Juleen –

If you’re looking for a fun time in Budapest, look no further than the popular ruin bars. Ruin bars are so named because they are built in the ruins of abandoned buildings such as apartment complexes and stores, mainly found in the old Jewish quarter. Szimpla Kert, the original ruin bar, is probably the most well-known of Budapest’s ruin bars, but you should also be sure to check out Doboz and Fogasház (or Instant). The best part? Most of these ruin bars are within walking distance of each other and if not, you can just hop on Budapest’s 24-hour tram lines. This way, you can get a variety of experiences and if you don’t like the vibe at one bar, you can always make your way to another. After staying out all night ruin bar hopping, I highly recommend making your way to Fisherman’s Bastion to watch the sunrise over the city. It’s a perfect end to a fun night!

Florence, Italy Nightlife

Florence, Italy

Matt Adams –

Nightlife in Florence, Italy is whatever you want it to be. With around 5.5 million tourists annually visiting Florence, there’s always a party. Whether you’re looking for a few drinks over dinner, a nice bar to enjoy drinks with friends, or meet someone new or a nightclub to have the biggest night of your life, you’ll find it in Florence.

My personal preference these days is either dinner and drinks or finding a nice bar and sampling some of the local wines for which the region of Tuscany is famous for.  Three places I’ve been to that I’d recommend for either a meal and drinks or just drinks include…

Kitsch Decx on Via San Gallo – a popular bar and restaurant offering vegetarian and vegan options and just about any drink you can think of, a great vibe.

Manifattura Cocktail Bar on Piazza San Pancrazio – an upmarket, cosy bar not far from the center of Florence offering Italian spirits, light meals/snacks and cocktails in a vintage-inspired space.

I Macci on Largo Pietro Annigoni – offering authentic Italian dishes including a wide selection of local meats and of course pasta, along with local Tuscan wines.

The historical center of Florence has everything you want in a night out, enjoy!

Granada, Spain Sunset Victoriano Izquierdo/

Granada, Spain

Anna Ambroszkiewicz –

This Andalusian town in Southern Spain is most famous for its tapas. Those are small snacks (sometimes not that small) that accompany nearly every drink ordered in a bar. Unlike in the rest of Spain, in Granada, the tapas are included in the price of the beverage so basically, you don’t drink without eating. This is what happens if you visit one of the many bars in the town and it’s also a great start to a night out. No need to be afraid of drinking on an empty stomach, this doesn’t happen in Granada. 

Another local tradition are botellones. A botellon is basically drinking in the street. Lots of people do that all over the town when the night comes (and sometimes even during the day, that is especially in the whereabouts of the university). You need to get the necessary provisions for your drink of choice and find a nice spot. If you’re not discouraged by walking a bit, you can choose one of the viewpoints (mirador in Spanish) like Mirador San Nicolas with a splendid view on the Alhambra. After the tapas and a botellon you are ready to go dancing in one of the music bars and after that to a disco. Just remember, nightlife in Spain starts really late. Don’t go to a music bar before midnight and to a club before 3 am. Otherwise, you’ll find it pretty empty. On the other hand, the party doesn’t stop until 8 am or even later, which means that you can go straight for breakfast to one of the tapas bars that you’ve begun your night in. 

Ibiza Nightlife

Ibiza, Spain

Dani Ward –

There is no place in the world more synonymous with nightlife than Ibiza: a Spanish island known for its all-night-every-night party scene. In truth, most of Ibiza is a beautiful, serene Mediterranean island dotted with historic towns. But as you wander into the main tourist locales around San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa, and even Ibiza Town itself, you can feel the thrum of the ultimate party scene which rages here throughout the summer in the world’s largest and most famous clubs.

My husband and I met and fell in love in nightclubs, so it was only natural that we spent part of our honeymoon in the mecca of nightlife. And Ibiza did not disappoint. Every night in the summer is like a massive music festival, featuring the world’s greatest DJs spread all across a number of legendary clubs. Every day can be spent lounging around the island’s stunning beaches, recovering from the evening prior.

Ibiza can get a bad rap for excessive drug availability and the loads of very young and disrespectful tourists. Both of these things are true. You could easily get drawn into the dark side of the industry here if you don’t go in with the right mindset. But for us, celebrating our love of dancing and our shared history, our time in Ibiza was spent soaking in the atmosphere of music, celebration, and love.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland

Diana –

Nightlife in one of Poland’s largest cities is among the best in Poland.  There is a range of fantastic bars, restaurants, and karaoke places that provide a great way to spend an evening.  Many bars in Krakow provide a free shot to those who visit and are not locals.  Though this isn’t guaranteed, it is very common and it doesn’t hurt to ask if you don’t get one!  The best place to spend the evening is in Krakow’s old town, where there is a high concentration of bars and restaurants.  Another place, popular with locals is Kazimierz, the historic Jewish district, where there are plenty of bars and pubs.  

If dancing is more up your alley, Prozak 2.0, Frantic and Lokal Krakow are nightclubs that are some of the most popular and well known. Karaoke bars are also popular in Krakow and Coyote Bar as is a great one to hit up.

People riding on a city tram Lisa Fotios/

Lisbon, Portugal 

Derek and Mike –

One of the best nightlife cities in Europe and even the world is Lisbon, Portugal. The Portuguese capital offers a lot to do from castles to museums and beaches, but after a full day – it’s nice to unwind. Like most of southern Europe, the days are hot, so nightlife begins a bit later. It’s like the whole evening schedule is pushed back, so a later dinner and later kick-off to the bar and club scene is a given. This is perfect for us because after touring or enjoying the beach, we like to take a nap and have a drink at home before going out. Dinner may not be until 10:00 pm and some clubs don’t get a crowd until after midnight. Bairro Alto is the most famous area of Lisbon for nightlife and you’ll find dozens upon dozens of clubs and bars in varying sizes and scenes. We also love to visit the city because of the vibrant and safe LGBT nightlife in Lisbon. Most of the gay bars are in the Principe Real neighborhood including some of our favorites like Tr3s Lisboa, Woof X, and Finalmente.

Liverpool Nightlife

Liverpool, England

Steffi Smith –

Liverpool is the best city in the UK for nightlife in my humble opinion. It has so many amazing bars and clubs and many of them are independent which makes it a really special place to go clubbing. The city centre is fairly small meaning that you can easily bar hop and end up in a club at the end of the night, without having to pay for taxis in between. It is a really student-friendly city offering loads of free entry and club nights with student discount but it is equally great for professionals wanting a fun night out at the weekend, More recently it has been adopted as a great city for hen and stag parties (bachelor/bachelorette parties) but these big groups are also easy to avoid. My favourite bar is Alma de Cuba which is a bar/club in a huge converted church complete with candles, rose petals falling from the ceiling and Latin dance performances to entertain you. They also have great cocktails and a restaurant on the mezzanine floor. Cava is also a fantastic, small tequila bar offering every flavour of tequila you could think of for only one pound per shot. Concert Square is another great place to spend the evening, with bars and clubs surrounding the square the only problem is which one to choose! For a classier experience, consider drinks at the Panoramic, a sky bar with the best views of the city. For the opposite kind of experience, check out the Blue Angel nightclub, fondly known as the Raz. It jokes that the Beatles used to hang out here and that they haven’t changed the carpets since – the Raz is everyone’s favourite dive bar.

London Nightlife

London, England

Bhushavali –

London!!! The best way to explain London’s nightlife is with Google Maps! The city has 3540 pubs and the whole map gets filled with the red pointers!!! Night-life in London can be segregated in multiple levels – it is possible to do it super economical while hanging around the Thames getting a bottle of beer from a supermarket! Pub-crawls are a huge thing here and one of the ‘must’ things to do in London. While there are several pub-crawl tours, it is very much possible to use Google Maps and hop from one to another yourself!!! It can also be done super expensive with the old, high-end bars in the very scenic Covent Garden area.

It can also be segregated in multiple age groups – with an absolute college crowd in discos like Xoyo while it can get super adult at the gentlemen’s clubs in Shoreditch & Piccadilly Circus areas! While pubs normally take cards, don’t forget cash while heading to strip-joints! That said, the city is super safe and the metro runs till very late at night, and heading back home shouldn’t be a problem!!!

Paris Nightlife

Paris, France

Stephanie Verdier-

“Paris has one the best nightlife in Europe and even in the world for me.  What I love about nightlife in Paris is that there is something for everyone and all ages.  If you prefer a quiet evening with friends, there are lots of little hidden bars and intimate rooftops.  If you want a more lively evening, you are spoiled for choice between clubs, concert halls and theme bars.

For people who want a more “cultural” nightlife, every night there are a number of artistic representations, film screening in a cool warehouse, inaugurations of a new gallery…

Paris combines its culture and its nightlife to make it a cosmopolitan place where everyone can find something to do according to their desires.

If you’ve never tested nightlife in Paris, you’re missing out! My first advice for someone who’s new to Paris nightlife would be to go out with locals (some people offer that on Airbnb) who know the best places to take you! It’s always better to discover a city with locals; you will experience the true Parisian nightlife, artistic and high-end.”

The Roman Colosseum at Night

Rome, Italy

Christina Pfeiffer –

As one of the most beautiful historical cities in Europe, Rome has many wonderful attractions both day and night. When the sun goes down, there are plenty of attractions in Rome after dark you can visit, such as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. You can take a tour of the Colosseum after dark but one of my favourite things to do in Rome at night is to relax with an aperitivo, a cocktail and snacks, and watch the world go by. Even better, a cocktail at The Court Cocktail Bar at Palazzo Manfredi offers one of the best views of the Colosseum. 

In summer, the outdoor bars and eateries in the Trastevere district along the river near Tiber Island is the place to hang out to watch the sunset. Trastevere’s charming cobblestone streets are packed with a fantastic choice of bars and restaurants. 

As Romans tend to dine later, the clubs and bars in Rome don’t start hopping until 11 pm, when the cool neighborhoods come alive. For some night action, the coolest neighborhoods are Ostiense and San Giovanni. Besides lots of trendy restaurants and bars, Ostiense also has impressive street art and is a drawcard for foodies.

Palace of Culture and Science at Night Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Reshma Narasing –

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is one of the best cities for nightlife in the world. Only Eastern Europe is aware of how happening the city gets at night as hopping pubs and bars are not on many people’s Warsaw itinerary. But as travelers start exploring, many are surprised how little is known of the bustling nightlife in the city. Whether you love raving parties where you can combine drinks with dance and fun, or you prefer picking a great wine with excellent food and good music to relax, Warsaw offers you both kinds of experiences. The fantastic nightlife is also partly due to the large student crowds of Warsaw that throng to the bars and clubs as the weekend unveils.

It is not hard to find these bars and pubs with dance floors as the hostels, hotels or guesthouses usually have at least one pub crawl. Don’t miss these tours as they are the best way to enjoy the nightlife in Warsaw guided by a local expert.

If you are looking for some great recommendations, head to Level 27 Bar and Club to get stunning views of the Warsaw skyline. This rooftop bar is perfect if you want to dance away the night under the stars. If you enjoy exotic cocktails, then check out Syreni Śpiew. If you fancy a luxurious bar with fine dining, check out Panorama Sky Bar at Marriott Warsaw. Whatever your preference is, you are going to have a fabulous nightlife in the city for sure.